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You can always upgrade your Website to a more powerful Hosting package

We offer 45-day money-back guarantees on Shared Hosting plans

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Web Hosting Packages

Starter Hosting
18 /Year
Business Plan popular
36 /Year
Host Pro Turbo
84 /Year
Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier
How to Make Your Website Live – Domain, DNS, and Hosting

Hosting your Website with us Today

Hosting Made Smarter.

Your website is a bundle of files, images, flash files, php files, html files, databases and more, placed on our top-of-the-line servers. We have created Hosting plans above for most needs. If you don’t know what type of Hosting package to buy, how to set it up, about prices or you simply want more info – Please contact us Hosting Help desk 24/7.

Not-a-thing to worry about – simply Order Web Hosting space for a low monthly fee from PattOs Hosting Atelier.



All Shared Web Hosting Plans are Backed By: Full Refund

If you are unsatisfied with our service within (45 days) the money back guarantee period , simply notify us and your contract fees will be reversed. No advanced notification required, no paperwork, no red tape, no catches whatsoever.

Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier
Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier


Uptime Guarantee 100% – 99.9% UPTIME  Shared / Reseller Servers *
If your Website Hosted isn’t available for the guaranteed amount, should you care about Uptime Guarantees? While we rarely have Web server issues that result in downtime. We admit that short lapses in Hosting services can happen. Servers do need to be sometimes restarted/system reboot. The question how much would you be compensated?. We offering you a pro-rated credit:

100% – 99.9% uptime : No credit
99.9% – 99.5% uptime : 5% credit
99.5% – 99% uptime : 10% credit
99% – 98% uptime : 15% credit
98% – 95% uptime : 25% credit
Less than 95% uptime : 100% credit
Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier


Google Work smarter.

Docs – Connect your documents, editable and shareable, wherever you are.
Sheets – Add to your Website making your data count.
Drive – Connect a safe place for all your files.

Grow your business – It all starts with your Domain Name and Hosting
AdWords – Once you have your Website Hosting, advertise they search for what you offer.
AdSense – This is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your site.



technical support

Just got started and have a few questions? Free Building and Optimization Tools. Want help with Prices and more info?


Leave it to the Specialist. We care, so that can sleep at night. We recommend a SSL on Website.

free website optimization

Your cPanel is loaded with stuff. One click WordPress installation, Website Optimazation tools and more

free domain transfer

Free Migration to PattOs Hosting Atelier. Our Business Hosting Plan came with one FREE domain name

PattOs Web Hosting Atelier Est. in 2003 We are specialist - WHY PEOPLE


Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier

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Domain Name

Get your domain name today!

Price .COM : $ 15 p/year.
Domain names are in great demand. Since the beginning of the internet people have grabbed domain names. Today, it’s really not easy to find the more common domains. The Domain Atelier wishes you happy domain hunting!

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Advert Starter Hosting

Reseller Hosting

For any questions on which Reseller Hosting plan is best for you. Would you like to talk to one of our sales engineers, simply start a Live Chat or email us.

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Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier

Website Hosting

We offer a rang of Hosting Plans for all your needs. For the beginner there is our Starter Hosting plan. Business Hosting for the small business. Business Pro Hosting for the Establish Professionals and Business ProTurbo for Enterprices and Corporations.

If you still can’t find what you’r looking for email us with your needs please. We will tailor make your Hosting Plan.

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Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier.

Dedicated Hosting

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  • Fully Managed Dedicated Server
  • Windows & Linux
  • Complate Control with Root access
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
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Domain names, Web Hosting Design Atelier.